Our clients prioritize financial security and prefer to delegate investment responsibilities to an expert so they can spend their time enjoying retirement.

Looking for Peace of Mind

Thanks to a lifetime of intentional saving, our clients have accumulated a retirement nest egg of at least $750,000.

Intentional Savers

Whether you're looking for a traditional retirement or a phased-retirement, we're here to help. By having a focused expertise in retirement planning, we are able customize our services to the distinctive needs of retirees.

Retired or Planning to Retire

Retirement Planning is our specialty.
We provide the most value to folks who are:

While we're based out of New Braunfels, TX, we meet with our clients across the country via easy to use web-based technology.

Benefits of Working Remotely With a Wealth Manager:
• Meet from the comfort of your home or office
• Spouses can participate from different locations
• Skip sitting in traffic
• Flexible meeting times
• Secure online document sharing

Founder & Wealth Manager


Benjamin Hooper

New Braunfels, TX